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Accountability / Responsibility / Ownership

Of the 10 core values by which Harris School Solutions (HSS) team members guide their day-to-day efforts, Lane Melton believes Accountability / Responsibility / Ownership is key. Which is, in part, why he now can claim “ownership” of the We Are Harris award for this quarter.

The Accountability value is critical to our Support Team,” Lane says. “You have to be accountable for your work in order to truly take pride in what you do. You feel responsible for the results, so when faced with a problem, you go above and beyond to see it through to a solution. You actually work through the issue, no matter what. That’s how our support services are able to exceed expectations and really stand out, which makes a huge difference to our clients.”

A Harris employee for the past eight years – the last five as Support Manager for Harris School Nutrition Solutions (SNS) – Lane is motivated by the difference he’s able to make in helping colleagues and clients alike.

According to Lane:

“What gets me going is knowing that others count on me to help them get things done. I get a lot of satisfaction out of knowing that I can mentor them or help them in some way. Whether it’s the people with whom I work here at Harris, or it’s a client who needs us to walk them through a piece of software, I love being able to guide people to a result or help them reach a goal. I get to watch others make that journey and achieve success. It’s a great feeling, and it’s why I come to work excited every single day.”

Not only does Lane enjoy mentoring others, he’s good at it. He’s so good, in fact, that other divisions within Harris have been asking him to mentor their Support Managers.

The Harris School Solutions team member who originally nominated Lane for this award says of the Support Manager, “I know that if I encounter any issues during my day, I can reach out to Lane and he is always willing to help. I’ve witnessed the same from him with other departments as well. Lane helps keep us all working cohesively.”

So what advice does this quarter’s We Are Harris award winner have for all of us?

“If you have something that you’re looking to achieve, whether for your school, for your business, or as an individual, go for it! There always will be obstacles, but if you genuinely care about what you’re doing and the people you’re helping, you’re able to cut through to the silver lining, to reach whatever that goal is that you set for yourself, your team, or your clients.”

Winning awards may not be Lane’s goal, but he certainly earned the We Are Harris award. From everyone at Harris School Solutions: congratulations, Lane!

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