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New Missouri-Specific School Financial Management Software Now Available

A new version of the School Business Management software system AptaFund is now available with built-in MO reporting.

Harris School Solutions (HSS), the premier provider of technology solutions for K-12 districts and charter schools across North America, has launched a new MO-optimized version of its AptaFund software for comprehensive School Financial Management.

AptaFund is known by schools across the country for its straightforward setup and interface, featuring all the scalable tools that school financial professionals need, but without the cumbersome, often-unused components that typically clutter workflows.

The Missouri version of AptaFund features all of the state’s required reports built into the system upon purchase, so no additional updates are required for users to maintain compliance with Missouri’s state reporting and accounting for schools.

Included among those reports are the Annual Secretary of the Board Report (ASBR), PERS/PEERS Employer Report (compliant with the OASIS system that is used by the state), and the Quarterly Unemployment Contribution and Wage Report.

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