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Harris School Solutions

New Round of COVID-Relief Grants Covers School Upgrades to HSS Software Solutions

The new wave of federal funding gives schools the opportunity to switch providers to Harris School Solutions and enjoy higher-quality software solutions at reduced costs.

Schools across the United States are welcoming the recent news of a new round of federal funding that offers districts the opportunity to save on software solutions, including those solutions that enable or optimize social distancing and remote work.

Harris School Solutions (HSS), the premier provider of technology solutions for K-12 districts, charter schools, and continuing education programs across North America, offers a wide range of software and hardware solutions that fit the requisite criteria to qualify for the funding.

As a result, schools are now able to switch from their current providers and take advantage of HSS’ industry-leading software.

*Among the company’s qualifying solutions are:

  • A range of tailored, online School Enterprise Resource Planning solutions for managing the entirety of schools’ Financial, HR, and related processes from anywhere with internet.
  • Comprehensive School Nutrition program management software.
  • The most efficiently functional School Meal “Grab-and-Go” serving software on the market.
  • Hosting services and Employee Self-Service functionality to enable or improve remote and socially distant work environments.
  • Health-monitoring hardware for use in cafeterias or elsewhere on school grounds.
  • Innovative time and attendance solutions designed to reduce physical-touch clock punches on communal hardware.
  • And much, much more.

*NOTE: Regulations and details may vary by state. Be sure to consult your individual state’s COVID-Relief Funding legislation.

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