A Full Plate of School Nutrition & School Cafeteria Solutions

Each of our solutions integrates seamlessly with one another so that you can reduce steps, consolidate reporting, accurately and efficiently share information, and create a smoother, faster, and comprehensive solution for your entire school food service program.

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The School Lunch Hardware and Software Solutions You Deserve

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It takes the right people combined with the right school nutrition software and hardware in your cafeteria to create the right school food service solutions.

Our software and hardware solutions help cafeteria staff, administrators, and parents work better together.

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We create a partnership that opens communication, simplifies workflows, delivers better results, and implements your feedback.

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We save you time with straightforward, automated processes and a customizable, fast cafeteria POS system that works for your unique environment.

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We provide total security through the safest and most powerful data encryption available.

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We integrate our solutions with your existing programs and software, providing quick and accurate data transfers across your school district’s systems, including reports with integrated documents.

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We give everyone a voice, allowing parents and students to communicate and work with you within your school nutrition programs.

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We help you customize your processes with highly configurable modules.

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We offer immediate help, the moment you need it. Our proactive support features live team members who answer the phones in real-time, as well as regular email updates, user and group meetings, and more.

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Cloud-based solutions enable your staff to work from anywhere and on any device with internet access.

Our innovative school foodservice solutions are about more than a faster lunch line. They enable and empower you to create better lunchroom experiences that translate into better learning experiences.

Don’t wait any longer to get your district’s School Nutrition program running the way you know it can, the way you know it should. Let’s make it happen today — together.

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Personal Relationships that Power Better Cafeteria Performance

Behind every single Harris School Nutrition Solutions product is a dedicated, professional support team, made up of people who genuinely care about your lunchtime programs and performance. Our team understands the unique needs, frustrations, pain points, and challenges in meeting and adhering to National School Lunch Program (NSLP) guidelines and standards, managing cafeterias effectively and efficiently, and providing the best possible lunch program experiences and outcomes. We’re here to work with you hand-in-hand, throughout every step of the way.

Personalized Training

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We design our training around you, your budget, your team members, and your lunchrooms, to create a specialized, high-quality implementation experience that turns your staff into software and hardware experts. Our hands-on trainers are ready to work with you on-site, remotely, or we can create a modified approach customized to your unique environment and team.

 Proactive Support

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When you work with Harris School Nutrition Solutions, unparalleled proactive support is our promise. That means we regularly reach out to you with updates, solutions, ideas, best practices, troubleshooting tips, and more–and a live team member is always just a phone call away whenever you need us.


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