Control your activities.

AAWeb is the web-based School Activities Accounting software that lets you:

  • Stay organized by simplifying school- and district-processes.
  • Get work done faster with access to data from all your schools.
  • Make smarter financial decisions by tracking and reconciling activity funds.
  • Save time by adding and maintaining vendor information for easier access.
  • Feel secure about your sensitive financial information because you set and monitor user permissions.
  • Enjoy the freedom of working from anywhere, directly on the web, instead of being stuck at a single computer.

Get a handle on your district’s Activities Accounting today.

School Activities Accounting Software

Does managing funds for your district or school’s extracurricular activities, events, clubs, and sports feel more complicated and exhausting than running laps on the track while playing a tuba?

AAWeb simplifies your entire district’s Activities Accounting by:

  • Accommodating multiple schools, locations, and users.
  • Delivering district-wide reporting.
  • Protecting sensitive account information through secure, real-time access.

Key Features

  • District-wide centralized database
  • Robust checking/investment tracking and reconciliation
  • User-access permissions by school and activity
  • Internal controls for accessing data from all schools
  • Sequential PO approval available
  • User-ID tracking for each transaction

Primary Functions

  • Write checks
  • Create deposit slips
  • Track receipts
  • Track sales tax for simplified state reporting
  • Consolidate built-in reports on specific activities across schools
  • Simplify fund transfers between activities
  • Assign activity fees
  • Monitor payments
  • Add/Maintain vendor information

Product Specs


  • Establish IDs for each school activity
  • Arrange activities by groups, reporting IDs, and categories
  • Assign school-specific information
  • Post check information to various accounts
  • Record and store vendor purchase-order information
  • Track funds within each activity


  • Streamline data entry
  • Clear checks and reconcile accounts quickly and conveniently
  • Track vendor purchase-orders and checks online
  • Generate vendor totals for 1099 reporting
  • Apply fee payments to applicable activities


  • Convert reports into PDF, Excel, HTML, or other word processing formats
  • Reports available include: Activity Detail, Adjustment Detail, Check Summary, Current Cash Balance, Outstanding POs, Sales Tax, Vendor Summary, YTD Activity Summary, and YTD Cash Balance.
  • Check stock featuring MICR line and school or district logo available from Harris Forms

See AAWeb in action.