Control your activities.

AAWeb is the web-based School Activities Accounting software that lets you:

  • Stay organized by simplifying school- and district-processes.
  • Get work done faster with access to data from all your schools.
  • Make smarter financial decisions by tracking and reconciling activity funds.
  • Save time by adding and maintaining vendor information for easier access.
  • Feel secure about your sensitive financial information because you set and monitor user permissions.
  • Enjoy the freedom of working from anywhere, directly on the web, instead of being stuck at a single computer.

Get a handle on your district’s Activities Accounting today. Get AAWeb

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School Activities Accounting Software

Does managing funds for your K-12 district’s extracurricular activities, events, clubs, and sports feel more complicated and exhausting than running laps on the track while playing a tuba?

AAWeb simplifies your entire district’s Activities Accounting by:

  • Accommodating multiple schools, locations, and users.
  • Delivering district-wide reporting.
  • Protecting sensitive account information through secure, real-time access.

Key Features

  • District-wide centralized database
  • User-access permissions by school and activity
  • Internal controls for accessing data from all schools
  • User-ID tracking for each transaction

Primary Functions

  • Track receipts
  • Consolidate built-in reports on specific activities across schools
  • Simplify fund transfers between activities
  • Assign activity fees
  • Monitor payments
  • Add/Maintain vendor information

Product Specs


  • Establish IDs for each school activity
  • Arrange activities by groups, reporting IDs, and categories
  • Assign school-specific information
  • Post check information to various accounts
  • Record and store vendor purchase-order information
  • Track funds within each activity


  • Streamline data entry
  • Clear checks and reconcile accounts quickly and conveniently
  • Track vendor purchase-orders and checks online
  • Generate vendor totals for 1099 reporting
  • Apply fee payments to applicable activities


  • Convert reports into PDF, Excel, HTML, or other word processing formats
  • Reports available include: Activity Detail, Adjustment Detail, Check Summary, Current Cash Balance, Outstanding POs, Sales Tax, Vendor Summary, YTD Activity Summary, and YTD Cash Balance.
  • Check stock featuring MICR line and school or district logo available from Harris Forms

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