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Financial Management

AptaFund’s financial management features have been carefully cultivated by working directly with school financial officials that use AptaFund daily to navigate the challenges of modern-day school accounting, budgeting, and reporting needs.

Powerful Accounting & Budgetary Tools
for Modern K-12 Organizations

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Budgeting Made Easy

AptaFund’s advanced budget preparation module gives you the tools to create, analyze, and maintain your budget. Built-in flexibility and planning features lets you forecast multiple budgeting scenarios — allowing you to create informed “what-if” scenarios to prepare for all budgetary surprises.

Optimized Accounts Payable & Purchasing

Customizable AP Voucher Workflows lets you take control of the process from beginning to end by automating your accounts payable and purchasing processes. Fully eliminate time consuming manual approval processes and safeguard against manual errors.

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Customizable Dynamic Grid Reporting

AptaFund’s dynamic grid-based reporting lets you create customizable reporting views down to the column, row, and fields. Advanced filtering features give you the tool to drill down on data and better analyze your finances.

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Payroll, Timekeeping, & Employee Self Service (ESS)

Put your staff in charge of their work information — See how AptaFund helps you manage employee time, pay, documentation, and more.

Human Resources, Onboarding, & Document Management

Manage the entire employee lifecycle — from the hiring process and onboarding to professional development and the retirement process.

Reporting & Dashboards

Drill down on critical data and optimize accountability using AptaFund’s Dynamic Grid reporting – Featuring one-click, state specific reporting.

Cloud Hosting & Security

Protect your data with cloud-based hosting, backup, and security options — Make sure your data is safe and you can stay running even with data loss or during an outage.