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Payroll, Timekeeping, & Employee Self Service

AptaFund gives your employees the power to manage their own time, payroll info, and work documentation. The Employee Self Service portal provides real-time access to pay stubs, essential work documents, as well as timeoff balances, accruals, and approval processes.

Reduce Your Staff 's Workload
Using Automated Process and Custom Workflows

Software support

Run Payroll the Right Way

AptaFund simplifies the typical payroll process by providing smart tools, custom workflow automations, and an easy-to-use interface. It’s easy to stay compliant with state and federal regulation with one-click state reporting and the ability to run multiple reports at once.

A Smoother Timekeeping Experience

With AptaFund Timekeeping you can easily collect punches, pull hours in to payroll, and provide a hassle-free experience to your staff. Our timekeeping solutions can quickly verify and adjust hours while auto-populating calculated payroll with a single click.

Timekeeping & Payroll
software support

Provide Access with Employee Self Service

Give your employees access to view leave balance/history, current benefit elections, deductions, and direct deposit information. Allowing you to streamline processes for human resources and payroll departments.

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Human Resources, Onboarding, & Document Management

Manage the entire employee lifecycle — from the hiring process and onboarding to professional development and the retirement process.

Financial Management

Optimize your critical accounting and finance processes — See how AptaFund helps you navigate the challenges of school accounting, budgeting, and reporting.

Reporting & Dashboards

Drill down on critical data and optimize accountability using AptaFund’s Dynamic Grid reporting – Featuring one-click, state specific reporting.

Cloud Hosting & Security

Protect your data with cloud-based hosting, backup, and security options — Make sure your data is safe and you can stay running even with data loss or during an outage.