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Reporting & Dynamic Grids

Take control of your data reporting and regulatory needs. AptaFund gives educational institutes access to one-click state and federal reporting and uses a dynamic grid based solutions for creating custom reports and views.

Reporting & Data Analysis
Built Specifically to meet AptaFund Users Needs

We Know Accurate Reporting Is Essential

One of the main challenges facing educational organization is managing a huge amount of data and reporting accurately to both sate and federal regulators. AptaFund makes it easy to drill down on the specific data.

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Financial Management

Optimize your critical accounting and finance processes — See how AptaFund helps you navigate the challenges of school accounting, budgeting, and reporting.

Payroll, Timekeeping, & Employee Self Service (ESS)

Put your staff in charge of their work information — See how AptaFundhelps you manage employee time, pay, documentation, and more.

Human Resources, Onboarding, & Document Management

Manage the entire employee lifecycle — from the hiring process and onboarding to professional development and the retirement process.

Cloud Hosting & Security

Protect your data with cloud-based hosting, backup, and security options — Make sure your data is safe and you can stay running even with data loss or during an outage.