ClassMate AE

Software designed exclusively for Adult and Continuing Education

ClassMate AE (Adult Education) is the adult learner administration and curriculum-management software that’s uniquely designed for Adult and Continuing Education programs.

This specialized adult learner management solution lets you:

  • Save time by keeping all your data in one place, and letting you do everything you need to in one system.
  • Empower your adult learners by leveraging features built specifically to help them achieve positive outcomes.
  • Meet all your state’s CTE reporting requirements easily, accurately, and in the correct format.
  • Make smarter decisions with clearer insights from data that’s displayed in the way your Adult/Continuing Education program needs it to be.

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Adult/Continuing Education Student Information System


ClassMate AE makes it easy to handle:


Leads Tracking – Track prospective adult learners, including inquiries, applications, and marketing campaigns.

Online Registration – Empower adult learners to browse available courses, register, review their enrollment history, make payments, and access current account balances.

Online Enrollment and Payment – Accept online enrollment and payment for courses and provide automatic payment receipts and notifications.

Financial Transactions – Manage course tuition and fees, allocate individual payments toward specific course fees, and track third-party payments, financial aid payments, credits, discounts, and refunds.

Certificate Programs – Establish certificate programs, including multiple required courses. Track adult learner enrollment and grading of each required course and generate a formal program certificate.

Clock Hours Tracking – Track adult learner clock hours based on daily attendance logs, allow hour/minute adjustments and instructor comments, and automatically calculate certification hours to date for each adult learner.  Clock-hour reports available per adult learner for financial aid verification.

Theory Assignment Grading — Track theory assignments based on adult learner’s level of knowledge of specific theoretical concept related to a course.

Lab Skills Tracking – Track technical lab skills based on the adult learner’s level of competence at performing a specific skill with proficiency related to a course.

Clinical Skills Tracking – Track clinical skills performed outside the classroom based on adult learner’s work completed at various clinical sites and/or rotations.

Written Warnings and Alerts – Enable instructors and administrators to record adult learner anecdotals, and set up automatic alerts and written warnings to adult learners who exceed certain thresholds of absences and/or grades, including supporting documentation for court appearances due to withdrawal from program.

Assessment and Placement – Manage various adult learner assessments, including TABE and Work Keys, and track adult learner placement data, including employer and wages of adult learners who: enter workforce, matriculate into post-secondary institutions, join the military, and more.

Industry Credentials – Track industry credentials awarded by specific industry associations based on successful completion of required assessments, and publish on adult learner transcripts.

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