Instruction Management and Student Performance System


EdInsight is the Student Performance software that lets you:

  • Align your curriculum and class activities with PA Eligible Content using assessment items that were written for the most granular level of PA standards and covers every single one.
  • Differentiate instruction by targeting specific deficiencies and strengths for each student, and provide tailored educational resources to meet their needs.
  • Include Evidence-Based Selected Response (EBSR) question types and Text Dependent Analysis (TDA) prompts with quality reading passages for the PSSA.
  • Leverage a resource bank with thousands of free educational resources covering all learning levels (remedial, on-target, and advanced), all vetted by expert PA educators.
  • Control your assessments and resources with the option to swap out Kandoolu’s recommendations for your own resources.
  • Make assessment engaging with teacher-led quizzes or a classroom game mode for encouraging and developing collaboration/team skills. or choose from self-guided options.
  • Work from anywhere, on any device (including cell phones), with this web-based solution.
  • Save money with Kandoolu’s affordable, cost-effective price.

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Real-Time Formative Assessment and Differentiated Instruction Web App


Teacher Highlights

  • Assessments written to PA Eligible Content (and also aligned to USCC standards)
  • Resource bank with free, PA- and USCC-aligned educational videos, activities, and games for students
  • Math, Grammar, and Reading (Grade 1 through HS)
  • Quality reading passages with EBSRs and TDA prompts
  • Teacher-led, self-guided, and Classroom Game Mode quiz options
  • Trophies for students to earn as they progress
  • Real-time technology
  • Web-based (Works on any device)
  • Simple-yet-powerful reporting to quickly identify student misconceptions and strongest/weakest skill areas

Setup Highlights

  • Easy setup with roster integration via EdInsight, Google Classroom, or Schoology
  • Intuitive- easy to use, teachers can learn and be ready to go after just a one hour webinar
  • Customizable avatars for teachers and students
  • Student profiles with interests and favorite learning styles


“Mission Control” practice room where students have fun while building math skills.


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