Harness all your SIS tools in one convenient dashboard and do more!

Do you find yourself switching back and forth between software programs just to complete a single project?

The problem with most student-information interfaces is that they:

  • Complicate navigation with outdated dashboards that are not user-friendly.
  • Fail to produce actionable insights because of a lack of analytics.
  • Scatter teachers’ tasks, in turn making it more of a hassle for parents to engage.
  • Slow down your processes by storing each of your tools in separate silos.
  • Force work-arounds due to limited configurability.
But you don’t need to work around these shortcomings any longer.

Now, you can use the Edsby platform!

Ready to change the way you navigate your SIS? Get Edsby

Get Edsby

The Smoother, Simpler Student Information System Interface

Edsby is the innovative teacher workflow, parent engagement, and analytics platform that integrates with your Student Information solution.

With Edsby, you finally will be able to:

  • Access all your tools conveniently from a single dashboard.
  • Configure everything to your needs with highly flexible settings.
  • Boost interactive collaboration between teachers, parents, students, and administrators through a modern, Facebook-style interface.
  • Centralize information to organize efforts across your district, school, and class.
  • Standardize and orchestrate communication, including sending regular mass-updates and targeted messages.
  • Get your work done from anywhere on devices such as smartphones and tablets.
  • Create assignments, projects, and more for students by class, group, or individual with the flexible teacher dashboard.
  • Easily produce reports for overviews or detailed insights.
PLUS: Edsby fully integrates with our popular SIS, iPass!

iPad screenshot of Edsby's newsfeed.

Additional Features


  • Intuitive, flexible dashboard for easy navigation
  • Secure messaging with attachments
  • Surveys
  • Planner/Calendar integration
  • Groups (Teacher-only or student-inclusive)
  • Gradebook
    • Drill-down capabilities
    • Scoring
    • Private observations
    • Viewable student portfolios
    • Enhanced attendance, grades, seating charts, and more


  • Facebook-style news feed
  • Homework updated by class
  • Online test taking
  • File-upload directly to teachers
  • Extracurricular group participation
  • Tracking for your individual attendance, grades, and progress by class and overall


  • Quick-view dashboard
  • Multi-student view, even across separate schools, including schedule by class/period
  • Risk indicators (Tardies, Absences, Grades)
  • Messaging to/from teachers
  • Absence scheduling (integrates with phones and other devices for on-the-go convenience)
    • Set time/date and duration
    • Add reason
    • Attach documentation

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