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Scalable, In-Depth Analytics
for Districts & Charter Schools

eScholar Advantage is an enterprise analytics solution that enables districts to bring data together into a single integrated platform for in-depth analytics

Sharper Insights

Integrate all pertinent data in the eScholar Advantage data model to analyze multiple points of data, rather than trying to splice together data spreadsheets and look at data in multiple tabs.

Higher Quality Data

Leverage the longitudinal data model that transforms transactional and snapshot data into actionable data. It can also connect to multiple systems such as SIS's, HR, finance, and assessment systems

Faster Analytics

We offer reports that evaluate trends over time while also analyzing multiple data points and filtering capabilities like view data by program, cohorts, grades, and other types of groupings. 

Deeper Root Cause Analysis

With the most comprehensive data model available in the K12 education field, our solution can collect and integrate 63 different data categories comprising over 3,000 data elements.

Dive Deeper with Enterprise Analytics

eScholar Advantage is for any district or charter school that wants to conduct root cause analysis to better support their students. With eScholar Advantage, you’re not just looking at assessment results, but looking at data alongside that result, such as program, demographic, discipline, and more. Districts should not be limited to assessment data.

Districts can also use this to analyze data related to finance/budgeting, staff, National Student Clearinghouse, and more. eScholar Advantage provides districts with a foundational analytics solution that provides answers to burning educational questions.
eScholar chronic absenteeism
eScholar school year attendance report

Root Cause Analysis; Analysis Across Time, Program, Groups, & Location

eScholar Advantage is more than just a data analytics tool; it’s a partner in helping education leaders navigate the complex waters of Root Cause Analysis. By drawing on historical data, eScholar Advantage provides a clear picture of how things have changed over time. It’s user-friendly, allowing even those not deeply versed in analytics to delve into program specifics and spot areas that need attention. Plus, users can easily see patterns based on locations, helping them pinpoint local challenges or opportunities. In short, eScholar Advantage simplifies Root Cause Analysis, making it accessible and actionable for everyone.

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