Classroom Observation Software

eWalk is the classroom observation software that transforms time-consuming classroom walkthroughs into an effective 5-minute process, start to finish.



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Classroom Observation Software for Teacher Growth

eWalk classroom observation software not only makes your classroom walkthroughs faster, it also makes getting meaningful feedback to teachers convenient.
The result? You will spend less time gathering and organizing data and more time coaching and empowering teachers with meaningful, actionable insights.

eWalk’s classroom walkthroughs help you motivate teachers by:

  • Saving time with tools for easy search and quick discovery of your staff’s strongest and weakest points.
  • Pinpointing specific instructional practices that need improvement after a single observation, thanks to a detailed, flexible reporting system. This allows you to give effective, constructive feedback that empowers teachers and staff to grow professionally and better serve the students.
  • Organizing and standardizing your school’s/district’s teacher assessment and growth system with automatically aggregated data that lets you easily access, filter, and view individual walkthroughs.
  • Scoring all observations based on uniformed criteria and storing the data in one program so you can avoid duplicate evaluations.
  • Customizing observations of teachers, staff, and curriculum based on your specific assessment needs with the most in-depth template authoring system available on the market today. This includes a configurable rubric system that automatically calculates scores without exporting to a third-party tool.
  • Easily adding video evidence to your observations with the iCoach add-on for a clearer discussion process.
  • Conveniently working offline within the eWalk classroom walkthrough app for in-class observation sessions.
We’ve designed eWalk to make a real, positive impact not only on the way you observe and provide feedback to your teachers and staff, but also on the way your teachers, staff, and students perform as a result.

Key Features

  • Complete iCoach-integration available for added video capabilities
  • Easy-to-learn/use dashboard
  • Fully customizable templates
  • Convenient offline mobile app available
  • Powerful reporting functions
  • Affordable pricing
  • Hands-on training and reliable, proactive technical support

Teacher-assessment bar graph on desktop monitor.

Person holding digital tablet with teacher-assessment information on screen.

Top Functions

  • Eliminate paperwork
  • Upload nearly any observation form or framework
  • Collect data with an iPad or any other web-enabled device
  • Choose the stats you want to see with flexible search
  • Print reports or send via email

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