Free-/Reduced-Meal Application + Alternative Income Processing Software

EZMealApp is the convenient software that digitizes your entire free- and reduced-meal application process, including alternative income forms, and saves you hours of work.

With EZMealApp, your district’s School Nutrition program will:
  • Save time¬†with digital submissions of applications and alternative income forms directly from parents. eliminating the need for data re-entry and expediting eligibility notifications.
  • Enable parents to submit their applications or alternative income forms from any internet-accessible computer.
  • Simplify processes by pre-matching student identification numbers to categorical eligibility of food stamps and migrant/homeless/institutionalized status, imported from outside authorities.

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Free- and Reduced-Meal Application
+ Alternative Income Form
Processing Software

Program Benefits

EZMealApp lets your school district’s Nutrition program:
  • Boost participation with a convenient, mobile-friendly interface.
  • Eliminate data re-entry by staff, saving time and labor costs.
  • Reduce or eliminate costs in paper, scanning, and printing expenses.
  • Improve service to parents and students with quicker eligibility notification.
  • Fully integrate with other eTrition modules.
  • Enjoy pre-matching of student identification numbers to categorical eligibility imported from outside authorities.


Parent/Student Benefits

EZMealApp also lets parents and students:
  • Easily navigate the intuitive, mobile-friendly interface.
  • Trust that their data is secure through SSL security protocol.
  • Quickly receive automatically generated eligibility notification letters in the appropriate language.
  • Gain immediate student eligibility at Point-of-Sale, once approved.

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