Making Lunch Interactive

EZSchoolLunch is the interactive School Nutrition app that helps programs genuinely engage students.

With EZSchoolLunch, you will be able to:

  • Boost participation by getting students just as active in your School Lunch program as they are in social media, with emojis and ratings.
  • Fully customize your cafeteria’s digital signs to display menus with your school’s colors and logos.
  • Limit liability with easy-to-see/understand allergy icons, nutritional values, and a carb counter for the school nurse to calculate the insulin needs of students with special diets.
  • Update your menu with fun, real-time announcements promoting new initiatives, and do it from anywhere with internet access.
Plus — EZSchoolLunch fully integrates with eTrition and the rest of the HSS School Nutrition solutions.

Make your School Lunch program interactive. Get EZSchoolLunch

Get EZSchoolLunch

School Lunch App for Increasing Participation

Parents and Students

  • Rate each meal choice and mark favorite meals to quickly see when they’re coming up again.
  • Search multiple schools’ menus.
  • See menus by date for 30 days at a time.
  • View precise, simply-stated nutrition information for menu items, including all key nutrients.
  • Rely on easily recognizable allergen icons.

Screenshot of EZSchoolLunch rating system



Screenshot of EZSchoolLunch customized menus.

Digital Signage

  • Food Images on Signage
  • MyPlate Nutritional Information, Food Descriptions, and Allergy Icons
  • Custom Menu Filtering
  • Marketing Messages Directly to Signage
  • School Announcements Delivered Across Entire Platform Instantly
  • Student Ratings and Usage Feedback
  • One-Page Printable Menus

Watch EZSchoolLunch in action. Schedule Demo

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