Schools are complex. Messaging shouldn’t be.

There are a million reasons you send messages across your K-12 school district, from fundraiser solicitations and field-trip updates to weather delays/cancellations and emergencies.

But if you have a different communication method for each of those occasions, you likely are struggling in a number of ways.

Your school communication system could be failing you by:

  • Scattering information across multiple channels, which creates a disorganized communications mess.
  • Entrusting students to get important news to parents.
  • Wasting time relaying updates through too many intermediaries (e.g. phone chains).
  • Creating inaccuracies caused by keeping multiple contact lists.
  • Risking the exposure of sensitive information.
  • Neglecting to build a genuine parent-teacher relationship.

You’re already dealing with complex situations, and these communication challenges only compound the problem.

That’s why you need a simple, efficient way to communicate.

It’s why you need EZSchoolMsg.com.

Simplified School Messaging Software for All Your Needs

EZSchoolMsg.com is the web-based mass-notification system that produces and distributes custom messages for immediate or future delivery.

Using email, voicemail, and text messaging, EZSchoolMsg.com:

  • Organizes all messages into a single app with configurable communication channels.
  • Saves time by getting important updates directly to the people who need them, reliably and without intermediaries.
  • Secures all your messages so your sensitive information stays safe.
  • Reduces errors by seamlessly integrating with go.edustar to automatically sync contact information.
  • Enhances relationships between parents and teachers.
  • Eliminates paper altogether.
  • Bolsters your emergency response process.
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Key Features

  • Absence alerts reduce truancy and tardiness.
  • Translation to 57 languages gives you greater reach and added effectiveness.
  • Automated messaging increases staff productivity by eliminating manual messaging procedures.
  • Self-contained platform saves you from purchasing additional hardware or software.
  • Seamless integration with go.edustar automatically syncs your contact lists.

Top Functions

The EZSchoolMsg.com software:

  • Provides real-time reports with detailed message-delivery analytics.
  • Supports multiple users per school/district.
  • Creates smart lists for different groups.
  • Maintains multiple contacts per student.
  • Enables connect-back capabilities.
  • Grants centralized control for updating contact information in a single location when combined with go.edustar.
  • Offers availability as an independent/stand-alone product.

Unlimited Uses

EZSchoolMsg.com can be used to disseminate information pertinent to any number of situations, including:

  • School-related cancellations
  • Early start/dismissal information
  • Weather delays/cancellations
  • Emergency notifications
  • Extracurricular activity updates
  • PTA/PTO meeting reminders
  • Parent-teacher conference reminders
  • Volunteer and fundraising solicitations
  • Missing child alerts
  • Transportation and bus delays
  • Field trip updates
  • Progress/report card schedules
  • Newsletter publishing
  • Faculty and staff notifications
  • General messages
  • And much, much more.

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