The software is affordable. The convenience is priceless.

Is the cost of owning and running your current student management solution too high to justify what you get out of it?

The problem with most student administrative software solutions is that they weren’t designed for smaller school districts like yours.

That’s why your current student management solution:

  • Offers unnecessary features that waste money by going unused and waste time with incompatible design.
  • Complicates state reporting and slow the entire process.
  • Forced you to scrap your current infrastructure and replace it with costly equipment during implementation.

You’re wasting money on features you don’t need and ineffective functionality that wasn’t designed for your smaller school district in the first place.

It’s time to use your resources wisely. It’s time for go.edustar.

Student Management Software for Smaller School Districts

go.edustar is the comprehensive, but easy-to-learn, web-based student management solution that meets the needs of teachers, administrators, parents, and students at smaller school districts.

With go.edustar, you will:

  • Get the tools you need; nothing more, nothing less.
  • Simplify state reporting by reducing it to several clicks, which protects against entry errors and submission problems.
  • Save money and time by utilizing your current infrastructure and platform with no added equipment purchases.

So get the affordable, but highly effective, system that your small school district needs.

Ready to become a more efficient school district?Get go.edustar

Get go.edustar

Features for Everyone


  • Up-to-date state reporting
  • 400+ pre-defined quick reports
  • Transcript management with screen capture
  • Behavior/Discipline for positive, negative, and state-reported events
  • Student-health alerts, information, and medication management
  • Custody alerts
  • Fee management
  • Daily lunch counts
  • Student activities
  • Locker management
  • Transportation management


  • Curriculum management
  • Grade book management for assignments and lesson plans
  • Grade/Report card and progress report posting
  • Attendance recording and management
  • Behavior/Discipline management
  • Student demographics
  • Class lists and mailing lists
  • Eligibility information
  • Daily lunch count recording

Parents and Students

  • Demographic/Personal information
  • Attendance records
  • Behavior/Discipline records
  • Grade/Report card
  • Progress reports
  • Schedule
  • Calendar items
  • Fees owed
  • Transcript
  • Immunization records

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