Robust Financial/Administrative Software

HSS OASIS is the complete school administrative solution that’s built to handle large-scale data for districts and County Offices of Education (COEs).

HSS OASIS enables you to:

  • Feel confident – User-level security allows you the flexibility to choose who is authorized to see which data sets.
  • Save time – Automate most of your processes to quickly and completely update, calculate, and create new data sets when you enter new information.
  • Maintain accuracy – System edits and forced balancing reduce time spent correcting errors.
  • Report easily – Quickly capture key information required for project, audit, local, state, and federal reporting.
  • Stay prepared – Flexible Budget Development system lets you easily perform “what-if” scenarios for budget negotiations and board meetings.
  • Work smarter – Reduce labor required to disseminate fiscal data to appropriate personnel with the conveniently integrated modules.
  • Enjoy freedom – Remote, paperless requisition entry allows administrators at remote sites to enter their requests for purchase orders with vendors, accounts, and funds availabilities checked immediately.
  • Empower your team – Employee Self-Service and Professional Development modules empower your team members to take control not only of their own information, but also their own professional growth.

Robust Financial and Administrative Software Combination for Schools and COEs

Integrated Modules

  • Budget Development
  • General Ledger
  • Purchasing
  • Payroll
  • Fixed Assets
  • Stores Inventory
  • Human Resources
  • Position Control
  • Employee Self-Service
  • Benefits/Salary/Retirement
  • Professional Development

Top Features

  • PDF Interface for Integrated Document Management
  • Scalability from Single District to Multi-District COE
  • Single Sign-on Capability
  • Integration with AAWeb



The HSS OASIS tools you need, now conveniently online and accessible from anywhere!

Web Requisitions and Purchase Orders

Enhancements from non-web HSS OASIS include:
  • Custom Dashboards
    • Filter with advanced options.
    • Create presets for different views of data for each grid for
      yourself or share with others.
    • Aggerate data by totals, average, count, minimum, and
      maximum values.
    • Download data to Excel, PDF or txt.
    • Create exports to CSV files and choose your delimiter.
  • Routing Toolbar (View progress within the process.)
  • Historical Queues
  • Validation Prompts
  • Master File (Routing Wizard)
  • Template Self-Setup

File Manager

Enhancements from non-web HSS OASIS include:
  • PCL5 Driver No Longer Needed
  • PDF Export
  • Dropdown of Server Commands (No need to input!)


PLUS: Coming Soon

  • Document Management
  • Employee Self-Service
  • HR Workflow and Tools
  • Accounts Payable
  • And More!

See HSS OASIS in action.

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