Build a community around your students.

Does it feel like communicating information between K-12 students, parents, teachers, and administrators is too complicated to be effective? Too cumbersome to be efficient?

More than likely, your current student administrative solution:

  • Relies on students to get critical information to their parents.
  • Forces you to work around functionality designed for someone else’s school district.
  • Fails to properly secure sensitive student information.
  • Slows your ability to send important updates in a timely manner.
  • Wastes time using paper forms, emails, or phone chains for district-wide mass updates.
  • Restricts access to a single computer.

If you’re still using emails, paper letters, and phone chains at this point, you may as well be using messenger pigeons to handle your student administrative communication.

Fortunately, iPASS can bring your collaboration and community-building efforts into the 21st century.

The Better Student Administrative Software

iPass is the comprehensive, completely integrated Student Information software that lets you:

  • ipassSave time and increase parent involvement with a parent portal that lets parents quickly and easily take a more active role in their students’ school life.
  • Empower a community of teachers, parents, students, and admins to achieve success through understanding and cooperation.
  • Configure the functionality to serve your school district’s unique needs.
  • Feel confident knowing all sensitive data, information, and communications are 100% secure.
  • Enjoy the freedom of being able to work from anywhere, on any device, directly from the cloud.
  • Stay prepared for anything with the option to add an effective emergency mass-communication tool.

Ready to become a more efficient school district?

Featured Tools


Involve parents in their children’s education to help students succeed.


Access from anywhere all the data you need, directly from your cloud-based iPass Gradebook.


Inform students, in real-time, of academic and activity updates so everyone stays organized.


Quickly enter and securely store critical student medical information for when you need it.


Send urgent alerts to parents, staff, and students at a moment’s notice.

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