Simple Electronic Document Management

JDox is the cloud-based digital document management system that’s smarter and more efficient than relying on paper filing, but easier and more affordable than other electronic document storage systems.

With the JDox software system, you will be able to:

  • Effectively collaborate within your team, across departments, or from school to school, all from the cloud with versioning control.
  • Save time and energy by flexibly navigating, searching, and retrieving documents even if you don’t know the exact title, simply by typing in keywords or other metadata like file date/type, student/employee name/DOB, and more.
  • Increase physical space in your office or school with a clean, well-organized digital system.
  • Improve security by giving varying access levels to different users.
  • Save money up front on an affordable system and in the long run on paper costs.
  • Start immediately because JDox is quickly implemented and easily learned.

Convenient Electronic Document Management System for Schools

Your paperless office is within reach.

Does your document management system take up too much space and leave you constantly searching for files?

JDox handles the complexities of efficient filing while making the front-end process simple and convenient for you.

This digital filing system not only saves space, it puts the files you need right at your fingertips to speed up your workflow.


  • Versioning Control
  • Advanced Security Settings
  • WebSmart Financial Software Integration
  • Simultaneous Multi-File Upload
  • Flexible File-Conversion Options
  • Audit Log Capabilities (Compliant with Texas Archives and Libraries Commission)
PLUS – Boost efficiency by integrating JDox into the WebSmart school management software for even quicker access when you need it!

See JDox in action.