JR3 WebSmart

Manage financial and student data in one place.

JR3 WebSmart is the combined Financial Management and Student Information software system that gives you complete control of your data, all from within a single piece of software and from a single database.

With JR3 WebSmart, you will be able to:

  • Intuitively navigate the entire user-friendly system right away, with no need to designate a district-level employee as the software’s technical expert.
  • Enter data just once and watch it populate across the integrated Student Service, Finance, HR, Payroll, and PEIMS modules.
  • Easily compile data and report according to the specific requirements your unique school faces.
  • Manage user access permissions by individual for increased security.
  • Store digital documents directly in the software.
  • Externally access electronic documents.

Ready to manage your financial data and student information with ease?Get JR3 WebSmart

Get JR3 WebSmart

Combined School Financial Management and Student Information System


  • Parent Portal
  • Employee Portal
  • Online Requisitions and Employee Reimbursements
  • Electronic Upload to Student Software
  • Native Reporting for Multiple EINs
  • One Login for Multiple Districts
  • District-wide and Multi-district Reporting Available
  • Easy-Access Filter for Report Catalog Searching
  • Journals with Full Coding and Detail
  • Upload Automation
  • Bulk-Task Processes
  • JDox Digital Document Storage Integration
  • Online Student Registration Available

Add Digital Document Management

Boost efficiency and convenience by integrating JDox digital file storage into your JR3 WebSmart for quick access to all your documents.

JDox is the cloud-based digital document management system that’s smarter and more efficient than relying on paper filing, but easier and more affordable than other electronic document storage systems.

This digital filing system not only saves space, it puts the files you need right at your fingertips to speed up your workflow.


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