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Cloud Hosting & Security

NextGen’s Cloud-based Hosting provides a secure environment to utilize your software and eliminate the costly overhead of maintaining in-house servers. Built-in security features offer peace of mind, knowing that your critical data is protected from malicious actors and unforeseen circumstances.

Access NextGen Securely
Anywhere & Anytime with Cloud Hosting

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Why Consider Cloud-Hosting for NextGen?

Cloud-based Hosting is increasingly an essential tool that educational organizations need to protect their data, employees, and students. We work with each of our NextGen clients to discover the best level of security and access needed to keep your organization safe and running, even when an unforeseen disaster strikes.

Modern Cyber Security for Data Safety & Confidence

Cloud-hosting NextGen is the best way to protect your data from malicious ransomware hacking attacks and potential natural disasters. Layers of security are implemented at the server, software instance, and user levels — making sure you control who has access and that you don’t lose critical data.

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