Pathway EXP

Track all phases of CTE Career Pathways.

Pathway EXP is the simple tool for tracking CTE career pathway completion criteria for your students.

With Pathway EXP, you can easily monitor students who:

  • Complete CTE program curriculum.
  • Participate in work-based learning
  • Earn industry certifications
PLUS — Once students meet the required criteria, they are eligible to earn a Pathway Completer certificate, transcript, and CTE Employability profile!
Integrates with any Student Information system using our Align data integration tool.

Ready to track Pathway Completion? Get Pathway EXP

Get Pathway EXP

CTE Pathway Completion Tracking Tool

Pathway EXP helps you increase your student success rate.

That’s why the EXP in Pathway EXP stands for:

EXPerience — Help your students gain real-world experience.

EXPerts — Allow industry experts (faculty and internship employers) to train your students at the highest level.

EXPloration — Enable your students to try out career pathways so they can be confident in their career choices.


Pathway EXP lets you track:

CTE Student Achievement

  • Program of Study
  • State Curriculum Standards
  • Industry Certifications
  • Career Objectives
  • Awards/Scholarships
  • CTSO Memberships



CTE Work-Based Learning

  • Employer Management
  • Work-Based Learning Activities
  • Work-Based Hours
  • Student Training Plan and Agreements

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