Complete Document Lifecycle Management

The Questys software suite provides a comprehensive system of solutions covering each and every phase of your document lifecycle — far beyond just digital file management — from rendering data entry obsolete to generating forms with just a few button clicks, and much more.


More Than Digital File Management

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Core Functions at a Glance

  • Manage and Collaborate on Content
  • File Digitally and Securely
  • Automate Data Entry, Even from Images
  • Handle the Board Agenda Process Seamlessly
  • Organize and Expedite Approval Processes

What makes Questys different from other Digital File Management solutions?

  • Convenience — Automate data entry with the Capture tool.
  • Intelligence — Leverage instant indexing and Optical Character Recognition (OCR).
  • Accuracy — Auto-file documents by category to eliminate manual-entry mistakes.
  • Retainability — Automate your retention schedule.
  • Simplicity — Save documents by default in the same format as entered.
  • Adoptability — Begin using intuitive ESS integration immediately, with no learning curve.
  • Consolidation — Integrate with third-party systems, in addition to ESS.
  • Privacy — Edit and redact scanned documents directly.
  • Security — Control access flexibly through tiered or granular permissions.

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Suite of Tools

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Content Management (CMx)

CMx is the content management solution that makes it easy and efficient for your whole team to collaborate on documents, ideas, and conversations.

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Capture is the innovative tool that automates nearly any data entry process by turning images of documents into usable data without the need for manual transcription.

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Agenda Management (SBx)

SBx is the software solution designed to automate your entire board agenda process, including tabulating votes, taking roll, and keeping meeting minutes in real time.

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Digital Documents (DigiDox)

DigiDox is the digital filing solution that gives you version control, check-in/check-out tracking, electronic sticky notes, and much more.

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Fast Forms

Fast Forms is a form generation tool that lets you instantly create customized forms from the scanned records in your Questys CMx system just by clicking a button.

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Workflow (WFx)

WFx is the solution that lets you organize and orchestrate the complex flow of documents for input or approval, helping complete projects faster and with better accountability.

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