Bring all your departments together in one system.

WinCap is the district-wide New York School Financial Management software that brings departments together into a single organized system.

Designed exclusively for New York schools and BOCES, this School Administration and Accounting software organizes workflow between Finance, HR, and Time and Attendance Labor Management to speed up your processes and improve accuracy.


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Integrated Financial Management Software for NY Schools and BOCES

Finance + HR + Time and Attendance

Top Benefits

  • Seamlessly connect¬†Financial, HR, and Employee Time-and-Attendance data.
  • Easily understand and follow the data as it starts and ends at the source: the employee portal.
  • Maintain accuracy with full product-integration.
  • Save time with automated processes.
  • Keep HR efforts organized¬†through a Board Agenda module.

Powerful Modules

WinCap comes equipped with everything a New York school district needs for its Financial Management workflow, including these client favorites:


Payroll Voucher

  • Claim-form processing for non-time-sensitive pay (chaperoning, tutoring, curriculum development, etc.)
  • Email approval routing
  • Automated payroll transaction creation
  • Employee initiation and easy tracking

Employee Portal

  • Paystubs
  • W-2
  • W-4
  • IT2104 electronic requests and approvals
  • Salary notices
  • Leave requests, email notifications, and approval

Notable Features

In addition to the seamlessly integrated modules, WinCap’s top features include:
  • Intuitive user-interface.
  • Multi-level security by fund, function/transaction type,
    and budget code.
  • Crystal Report Writer integration.
  • MS-Office-products interface.


Product Specs


  • Web requisitioning, approval, and email notifications
  • Bids, purchase orders, and warehouse/inventory tracking
  • Accounts payable/cash disbursements, and cash receipts
  • Budget maintenance and development
  • Revenue accounting for multiple types of transaction-based fund accounts
  • General ledger, billing, and accounts receivable

Human Resources

  • Employee attendance
  • Certification, tenure, seniority, and much more HR data
  • Employee benefits
  • Staff cost projections
  • Position control

Time and Attendance

  • Payroll process automation
  • Timesheet/Pay item maintainance and approval
  • Time-clock/Kiosk/Web-connected device time-entry
  • Pending payroll transaction creation (based on supervisor approvals)
  • Approval flow separation (based on job duty/task)
  • From/to payroll, HR, and attendance hourly update automation
  • Salaried employee identification (Only pay for supplemental or overtime)
  • Per-transaction calculation for pay rate and budget

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