School Technology Director

Yeah, about your current software: have you tried unplugging it?

On top of the primary duties of your job as Technology Director of a school or district, you likely also have to deal with an inherent lack of understanding from many of your teammates.

Fortunately, we understand what you’re looking for.

That’s why our software solutions let you:

  • Enjoy full control over the configuration and maintenance of your account.
  • Save money by building off of your existing infrastructure and systems.
  • Provide both the helpful tools and proper, Harris-led training to meet school leaders’ specific requests.
  • Choose either to work securely from the cloud so you don’t have to worry about server protection or deploy locally if it makes more sense for your unique school or district.
  • Feel confident knowing that all of your information is 100% secure with sophisticated, PCI-compliant 256-bit digital encryption; tiered user- and account-code-security features; GAAP-, GASB 34-, and USFR-compliant tracking receipts; and more.
  • Trust the reliability of both your server and your network.
  • Effectively plan for disaster recovery with fully secure data backup.
  • Save time with a family of products designed to integrate data and work together to simplify and expedite your work flow.
Oh, and did we mention: we’re really good at translating all this to your team, so you won’t have to.

Click below to learn more about how we’ve built each of our solutions with school technology directors in mind.

“Williamsville CUSD #15 moved to the eTrition solution in the summer of 2013, previously utilizing Mealtracker. We transitioned from three computers acting as servers/serving lines in our three school buildings to the Cloud Server and four computers as serving lines. The Point-of-Sale software works online and offline (syncing when connected), which gives us peace of mind with the introduction of the SaaS technology in our environment.”

Chris Wherle, Technology Coordinator
Williamsville CUSD – Williamsville, IL