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San Mateo Union High School District Feeds More Students by Improving Food Service Efficiency with Tablet PCs from TabletKiosk®

In order to improve food service efficiency, San Mateo Union High School District has implemented Tablet PCs by TabletKiosk, running the eTrition web-based nutrition solution from Harris School Solutions, as a mobile payment and ordering terminal. Food service personnel in the district are able to interact with students anywhere on campus by using Sahara NetSlate Tablet PCs which provide an efficient mobile Point-of-Sale (P.O.S.) solution.

The Sahara NetSlate, a 12.1” Tablet PC running a full version of the Windows 7 operating system, not only supplements traditional bulky, non-movable P.O.S. terminals, but can effectively replace them. Utilizing the Tablet PC allows for total mobility in processing meal service orders, and also reduces the chance of theft as they can be easily moved and stored in a secure location when not in use.
In addition to reliable mobile processing, Sahara NetSlate Tablet PCs include multiple USB ports to support the use of peripherals such as magstripe readers and the more secure PIN pads. They also feature extended battery life that easily lasts throughout the entire daily service period. Built-in WiFi 802.11N and embedded TPM enables the Sahara NetSlate Tablet PC to capture orders and transmit them securely from anywhere on campus.
“The Tablet PCs from TabletKiosk, running the eTrition Nutrition Solution, have enabled us to greatly improve our efforts in combining technology services and Student Data to provide student nutrition meals and services at the campuses throughout the district,” said Denis Vorrises, Manager of Student Nutrition. “Helping all of our students meet their meal process and requirements is an important goal for us in San Mateo Union High School District, as it enables students to perform better academically when they eat a complete meal. The new mobile solution has put us well on the way to reaching that goal with the current technology.”
For more information on how Sahara NetSlate Tablet PCs can improve food service efficiency, please contact Shon Mueller, TabletKiosk Hospitality/P.O.S. Sales Manager at 310-782-1201 x1405.
About San Mateo Union High School District
The San Mateo Union High School District is headquartered in San Mateo, California. The district consists of seven public high schools, one alternative high school (a “college high school”), and one Adult School, located in San Bruno, Millbrae, Burlingame, and San Mateo. The district serves a total population of 8,400 students with a staff of more than 900; the District Adult School has an additional 10,000 part-time students.
About Harris School Solutions
Harris School Solutions, a business unit of Harris Computer Systems, offers enterprise solutions in the areas of school nutrition, financial management, human resources, and student information. In each category, multiple products are offered to provide tailored choices. eTrition is the first web based school nutrition product in the market, allowing districts to meet the challenges faced in a K-12 school nutrition program. eTrition is browser agnostic, features a centralized database, and includes essential features such as free and reduced application processing, point of service, menu planning and nutritional analysis, financial accounting, inventory, reporting, and online payments. To learn more, visit www.harrisschoolsolutions.com.
About TabletKiosk®
TabletKiosk is an early innovator of business Tablet PC solutions for the enterprise and was one of the first to offer touch screen enabled Windows tablets. The company regularly integrates modern technology with key legacy components to create forward thinking mobile systems, while still providing backwards compatibility and long product life cycles.
As a manufacturer and distributer of proven mobile computing solutions since 2003, the company’s line of Tablet PCs, including the Sahara Slate PC, has been widely used in Healthcare, Hospitality, Government and Manufacturing both as TabletKiosk branded and OEM/Private Label deployments. For more information about TabletKiosk, visit www.tabletkiosk.com.