Manage your school's diverse activity funds smoothly.

Our School Activities Accounting and Payment Processing systems are built to handle every last one of your district’s/charter’s various payment types.
We know that each payment type can present its own unique challenges, from calculating sales tax to tracking receipts and purchase orders for bank reconciliation.
That’s why we’ve designed our solutions to make managing the entire school payment process flexible and smooth for you, no matter the activity.
  • Sports / Band / Chorus
  • Fundraisers
  • Field Trips / Concerts / Book Fairs
  • Yearbooks
  • Clubs (e.g. National Honor Society, Student Council)
  • And Much More!

Moving money is conveniently flexible from start to finish, from parent to district/network bank account.

End-to-End Control, Security, and Transparency

Illustration concept of money stacks under magnifying glass with padlock overlapping magnifying glass

Our School Activities Accounting and Payment Processing systems give you:

The power to spread out the work — Empower each school in your district or charter network to be responsible for writing their own checks, receipting their own money, maintaining their own purchase orders, and more.

Effortless oversight — While the individual school sites perform their work, the central office can maintain accountability by determining its own level of oversight, whether that means doing full reconciliations, giving final approvals, or simply reviewing each month.

Data security — Give activity sponsors and pertinent personnel the ability to view and report on their own activities without seeing data that doesn’t correspond to their activity. They also can check balances, see if a bill has been paid, and look up vendors from past years, all without needing to contact the central office.

Uniformity of reporting —  Apply a common set of group and activity IDs to each school site to makes reporting by segment (e.g. “How much was spent on uniforms last year across all buildings?”) easy and quick.

Setup, tracking, and reporting are organized and simple.

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