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Data is automatically pulled from digital time-clock punches.

Save Time

Our School Time and Attendance solutions do the tracking and calculating for you, automatically.
That means you will save all that time you spend manually checking and transferring data, making calculations, and re-entering data for reports.
Plus, with our school time clock systems, you can quickly analyze, manage, and minimize your school employees’ overtime, saving time not only for you, but for your entire school, district, or network.

Real Time

With our School Time Tracking solutions, everyone from Payroll to HR is working with the same, real-time data.
That gives your entire team faster workflows with fewer mistakes.
Your team will save time on the front end when getting their work done, as well as on the back end since they won’t have to comb through weeks of data to find that single, tiny mistake that’s throwing all the numbers off.

Have an Easier Time

Our School Time Clock systems make the work you still need to do much easier, giving you confidence with built-in tracking and reporting for your school’s PTO/benefit structure or pay scale, no matter how complex.
These built-in reports and full tracking capabilities are compliant with your state/county laws, as well as the ACA and FMLA.

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