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Turner USD 202 Navigates to the Latest AptaFund

Turner USD 202 in Kansas City, KS, recently contracted with long-time vendor, Harris School Solutions (HSS), to upgrade from AptaFund 3.0 to the latest version of the financial management system, AptaFund 4.1.

According to HSS Regional Representative Jeremy Willson, who worked with Turner USD 202 in order to facilitate the upgrade, “This change is going to make the day-to-day work of Turner USD’s teams much more efficient. And it’s not a coincidence. We really listen to our clients and consider their feedback and work hard to understand what they need to do their jobs better. As a company, we pride ourselves on incorporating what our clients need into each new product and version. After all, our clients are the very reason we do what we do, so the most important thing for us is to listen to them and to act on what they’re telling us.”

Click below to find out how the AptaFund financial management system can help you and your team.

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