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Use Caution: Details of Current School Email Scam

We at Harris School Solutions (HSS) wish to alert our clients to a particular wide-spread email scam.

This scam, according to the IRS, is dangerous and is targeting, specifically, schools and nonprofit organizations.

The reason we feel compelled to draw attention to this issue is simply in order to alert everyone who could be at risk that the scam itself appears to be targeting the financial, personal, and tax information of educational institutions’ employees, and to suggest to anyone who works at a school or school district to exercise caution while executing daily procedures.

For more details about the scam, click here to read the article from govtech.com.

As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out directly to your HSS representative.

– Harris School Solutions

To learn about last year’s version of this phishing scam, read the article on the IRS website by clicking here.